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The Real Reason I’m Traveling

This time next week, I will be landing in Helsinki, Finland to kick off a series of five trips leading up to Christmas. I briefed you on my Holiday Preparations and Travels earlier this month, but I didn’t exactly explain why I’m leaving the mountains and heading for the cities. Before I embark on these European adventures, I wanted to backup a bit and explain why I have decided to trade in the mountain life for the travel life.

The original plan was not to turn my calendar into a full-blown travel itinerary… it all started with a quest for Christmas markets. In the spirit of the holidays and blogmas, I wanted to plan some Christmassy adventures to share with you during the month of December. I first booked a train ticket to Røros, a charming Norwegian town that transforms into a magical Christmas village in the winter. I then purchased a flight to Vienna, a city I have been wanting to visit since my brother first moved there and a popular European Christmas market destination. Little did I know that I would suddenly catch the travel bug.

Once my first two adventures were booked, I couldn’t stop looking at flight deals, train schedules, and hostel reviews. The list of cities I wanted to visit started multiplying and all of a sudden my calendar was overflowing with travel plans. Every time I clicked “book” and an email confirmation popped up on my phone, I felt an overwhelming rush of excitement that had me coming back for more. I began seeing the world as an endless pool of possibilities that I just couldn’t pass up.

I am not new to traveling, but I am more or less new to solo traveling. Living in solitude has shown me new sides of myself and I’m ready to take the lessons I have learned in the mountains with me to the cities. I wish I could take my favorite four-legged adventurer with me too. That said, my time in the mountains was only the first chapter in a book of adventure, it’s time to write chapter number two.

Are you a solo traveler? Any tips and/or advice are very much appreciated!


  1. your pictures are so postcard worthy! I would love to visit the snowy mountains someday, though I hope my tropical self won’t melt into a puddle immediately. The thought of a Christmas village sounds very charming. Good luck on your adventures, they sound so exciting!

    • Thank you so much Mo! Snow and Christmas and two things that make the winter somewhat bearable in my opinion 😉 I appreciate your kind words and well wishes!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I can only imagine how much I could learn about myself traveling solo. Best of luck on your adventures!

    Shelly | The Queen in Between

    • Thank you Shelly ☺️ It will be quite an exciting new adventure!

  3. The only solo traveling I have ever done is to visit breweries and attend events in large cities. I have never done solo traveling to the mountains or other places of solitude, but I can see how it could have its advantages.

    • There are all kinds of ways to solo travel 😀 I love the mountains but I’m ready to explore the cities… thanks for reading, Bryan!

  4. I’ve never travelled alone. Still, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and I think it’s worth trying (I’m thinking about going to New York on my own for one week). Your future adventures sound fantastic and I’m really looking forward to reading about them.

    Maybe you can write a post about solo travelling, too. That would be awesome!

    Ginger by Choice I food & lifestyle blog

    • Oh New York would be an amazing place to solo travel, I have spent a lot of time in the city and can highly recommend the Chelsea Youth Hostel – amazing location and it felt very safe! And I will definitely be writing about solo traveling in the coming weeks 😘 Thanks so much for reading Eva!

    • I recently began traveling solo, also in Europe! One thing people always told me was how when you’re alone, people will approach you more and seek friendships, etc. Just this passed weekend, I saw how true that was! Of course, I think part of the journey is being alone sometimes and experiencing the city in a way that is meaningful to you. Also, I love the blog! 🙂

      • I love connecting with other solo travelers and I’m excited to see who I will meet along the way. I completely agree and I know I won’t be along the whole time, especially staying in hostels. Thank you so much Aisha and best of luck on your travels 😍

  5. I’m not a solo traveler but the ones I know do seem to love it! I love traveling. It is so peaceful and eye opening. I must admit that I’m a little afraid to do solo travel although it looks so much fun.

    • That is true among the solo travelers I know as well, I hope I will love it too! It doesn’t scare me for some reason, maybe because I grew up internationally and always traveled a lot. But traveling with others can be nice too 😀

  6. Beautiful dog! I definitely understand how easy it is to catch the travel bug. All it takes is for me to read a blog post like this and I’m researching our next big trip. Good luck and have fun!

    • Haha I’m the same way – read a blog post or scroll past an Instagram photo and I’m mentally there already. Thank you Samantha ❤️

  7. Hi Julia. Great post. I’ve only ever solo traveled once – to Italy to study abroad. But there I met my life partner and have never traveled solo since. Though I wish I did have more opportunities to travel alone just to know what it’s like. It’s so interesting to read your perspective. i’ve always wanted to visit Scandinavia as well. Happy travels!


    • Thank you Jesica! What an incredible story, I sometimes wish I had studied abroad and Italy sounds beautiful. Traveling with someone is a nice way to see the world too and you can always book a solo adventure regardless 😉 I hope you will make it to Scandinavia… if you do, be sure to let me know!

  8. Wow, I just love your blog posts. your pictures are so breathtaking.

    On topic. Felt so relatable. You are a strong woman and should never stop exploring new things

    • Thank you Anshul! Glad you could relate, enjoy your travels 🙂

  9. Liz Liz

    I’ve never traveled alone, but I’ve always wanted to. I’m pretty independent, so I think I’d be okay… But I’m always contradicting my heart with logic and then I think about all of the bad things that could happen to me if I were to travel by myself. Let me know how it goes for you!

    Also, I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award! Post your nomination if you have time. You can find my post here: 😊

    • I’m sure you’d be just fine 🙃 Life’s too short to worry about the what ifs. Thanks so much Liz, I’ll be sure to check it out!

  10. I used to travel solo until last year when I started traveling with my partner. Traveling solo was an opportunity for me to reflect on my life and discover the kind of traveler I was. Hope you enjoy your solo travels!

    • That’s what I hope to get out of solo traveling as well! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your travels with your partner 🙂

  11. That town in Norway sounds absolutely adorable – I may have to check it out! Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures 🙂

    • I can’t wait to visit and be able to share my experience with you ❤️ Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

  12. Hi, Loved your post and your cute friend. Adorable! I have never traveled solo, I don’t know for what reason my husband doesn’t allow me but I really want to travel solo someday. And yes can absolutely relate to the rush of excitement when the booking email pops up. Great post.

    • Thank you so much, glad you can relate! I hope you will get the chance to solo travel, I think it can do everyone some good 😛

  13. wow beautiful pictures and adventures! I think I have travel once or twice in my whole lift but I find it boring I am a gang person so I can share smiles, laughs, experiences and keep them in my heart.
    Your dog is gorgeous!

    • Thanks Angie! I have always loved traveling but I guess it’s not for everyone 😉 Cody says thanks too!

  14. Personally, I prefer not to travel alone, but I can totally get the notion of doing so! And I love your pictures and your fluff dog! So adorable!
    Best regards,

    • I can see why people prefer traveling with others rather than solo traveling… I think I like a combination of the two! Thank you Laven ❤️

  15. Foodtinerary Foodtinerary

    Sounds like so much fun! Enjoy your trips and make the most of it

  16. Love this! I really wish I could travel more. I can only imagine the addiction you must feel after an amazing trip to then want to go on another one!

    • Thanks Stacey! Traveling is definitely addicting, there’s just so much to see and do 😛

  17. I can identify with everything in this post! Having lived alone for the past nine years, I’ve tried taking advantage of any chance I got to travel. Solo travel is my favorite since you’re not bound to anyone else’s plans. I wish I could take my pup with me too. By the way, your dog is so adorable! Cheers!

    • So happy to hear that Nicole! You must have experienced a lot of amazing places and it’s nice to only have to worry about yourself sometimes haha. Thank you 😘

  18. Love all these photos. I travel alone all the time. I like using travel apps like Yelp and Google to get tips on where to visit

  19. Solo travel can be so fun! I really wish I got the chance to do it more. Hope you have fun on all your travels.

    • Some travel is better than no travel 😉 Thank you Ariana!

  20. Nancy Faircloth Nancy Faircloth

    Thank you for your post. Traveling alone has advantages for sure and i enjoy it. Your images are gorgeous

  21. Sounds like such a fun trip! Someday when my kids are older I’d love to see Europe too.

    • Thanks Dani, I hope you’ll get the chance to travel around Europe soon 🙂

  22. That is awesome! I’ve never done a solo trip completely by myself. I met up with my ex in the mountains for hiking and sight seeing over the summer. I’d love to get out there by myself, anxiety catches me sometimes. I hope you have an awesome time!

    • Hiking in the mountains and sightseeing is always fun ☺️ I’m sure you’d have a lovely time solo traveling as well! Thanks Leslie!

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