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Tempelseter to Ranten (1419 m.a.s.l)

On Friday evening, Cody and I received our first visitors since We Moved to the Mountains – my mother Lise and our dog Daisy arrived! After the two of them had settled in, we began planning our weekend adventures. I have been admiring Ranten from afar for weeks now and was eager to tackle the mountain, so we agreed to start there.

We awoke the next morning to sunshine and blue skies, the perfect day for a long hike. We drank coffee and ate breakfast, packed our lunches and some snacks, and filled our backpacks with extra clothes and water for ourselves and the dogs. Then we drove to Tempelseter, where the hike begins.

Tempelseter is on the Norefjell mountain range and is a common starting point for hikes to Ranten (1419 m.a.s.l) and Høgevarde (1459 m.a.s.l). Høgevarde is the more popular of the two and Norefjell’s second highest peak, after Gråfjell (1466 m.a.s.l). At two-and-a-half hours from Oslo, the trips from Tempelseter can be done as excursions from the city as well. There is plenty of day parking available and the trails are suitable for both two- and four- legged adventurers.

From Tempelseter, we set out towards Ranten. The first part of the path follows the signs to Høgevarde, a more challenging stretch than we had anticipated. Between trekking through the mud and rocks and balancing on stepping stones back and forth across the stream, it was a solid workout. The trail splits at Raudmyra, a marsh with an arrow pointing right for Høgevarde. Here we took a left. While there is no sign for Ranten, the red Ts marked by Den Norske Turistforening showed us the way to the mountain’s ridge.

The markings stop at the ridge and we began our ascent from there, reaching the peak about thirty minutes later. At the top of Ranten, we enjoyed spectacular views in all directions, including Gråfjell, Høgevarde, Gaustatoppen, Holmvassnatten, and Drotniggutnatten. We took several photos, then found a flat rock to sit on and dug into our lunch. When the wind became unbearable, we packed up and began our way down the same way we came up. What a lovely day and a wonderful adventure, we will definitely be back for the hike to Høgevarde.

I would love to read about your adventures. Leave a comment below with where you are headed to next!


  1. You seem enjoying your time since you moved to the mountain and this is amazing. The name of the place little bit weird xp. Amazing pictures!

    • That I am!! Thanks Frank – haha that’s Norwegian for you 😛

  2. What an adventure to be able to go to such beautiful place and to have a loyal company with you. 🐶

    • Thanks Kevin! Yes I am very lucky to have Cody by my side 🙂

  3. Omg goals! This is exactly what I want to do, traveling with my dog and (my husband) in the future. Sometimes solo traveling is great too, though.

    • I hope you get the chance to do just that 🙂 Thanks for reading Claire!

  4. Jen Jen

    These mountains are amazing! My boyfriend is from Wales and this landscape looks similar to where he’s from. Awesome pictures 🙂

  5. Sounds like this was a beautiful hike! Your pictures are amazing! And your puppy 😍😍

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