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Norefjell: The Hike to Nowhere

Ever since We Moved to the Mountains, Cody and I have yet to spend a weekend alone at the cabin. The first visitors were my mom Lise and our dog Daisy, arriving only a few days after we first moved in. The four of us hiked from Tempelseter to Ranten (1419 m.a.s.l) and to the statue of Madonna med Barnet (1020 m.a.s.l), both of which were wonderful excursions. The following weekend, my mom and Daisy returned with my older brother Nick, this time with the main objective being to winterize the cabin. Despite having a long ‘To Do’ list, I was eager to conquer a new peak and we set out Saturday morning on what became The Hike to Nowhere.

The truth is, we were planning to climb Gråfjell (1466 m.a.s.l.), the tallest peak on the Norefjell mountain range. Gråfjell is known for its spectacular views over southern Norway, including Hardangervidda, Gaustatoppen, and Jotunheimen. My brother Nick and dog Daisy have been to the peak before, but it was a new destination for myself, my mom, and Cody. We decided to go a bit off the beaten trail and trudged through the mountainous terrain, following Nick as he led the way with a map and compass. Walking beneath blue skies and a crescent moon, we soaked up the autumn sun and beautiful surroundings.

We were all in good spirits, that is, until we checked the time. We estimated the excursion would take about six hours roundtrip but at three hours in, we had not yet made it to the base of Gråfjell. With over an hour to go until we would reach the peak, we had to reassess our priorities. We found a spot out of the wind to refuel and discussed our options over lunch. When all was said and done, we agreed it was best to head back to the cabin and use the remaining hours of daylight to start on our ‘To Do’ list. We took some photos at the base of Gråfjell to document what we called The Hike to Nowhere, hiding our disappointment with laughter. In the five minutes we used to take photos, the clouds moved in to cast a shadow on the peak, a sign from the mountains to begin our descent.

As we retraced our path down the mountain, I couldn’t shake the feeling of defeat. I had spent my whole day swimming in wet hiking boots and for what? Then we stumbled upon an edge with the most magnificent view and breathtaking landscape – nature’s reminder that there’s more to hiking than the views from the peak. As Cody and I admired the mountains below, I appreciated the adventure for what it was and we laughed the whole way down.

Why do you hike? Leave a comment down below!


  1. Every photo of Norway I’ve seen has been incredible. Looks like such a beautiful place!

    • I have to agree with you there – it’s a beautiful country 🙂 Thank you!

  2. This hike is gorgeous! How cool is it that you go with your dog for hiking, there is nothing in terms of nature and beauty or hiking spots where I live, it is such a pity!

    • Thanks for reading Medha! Dogs do make the best hiking buddies 😉

  3. a a

    Wow, this looks like a serious adventure and your furball is an awesome companion. Come to India, you’ll find a lot of cool hikes.

    • Haha yes he’s the best 😛 I would absolutely love to – India is high on my list!

  4. That’s the perfect way to get lost and escape the world. No one can find you if you don’t even know where you are going. As you put it ‘the perfect recipe’.

    • It’s best not to be found sometimes 😉 Thanks for reading and for your comment!

  5. These photos are absolutely stunning. I love hiking for the fresh air, scenery all all around happy feels in brings. Unfortunately…mountains around these parts. A move to CO is in my “dream bucket.”…we’ll see!

    • Thank you Renee! Oh I hope you follow your Colorado dream, the nature there looks absolutely beautiful <3

  6. Wow!! That was well worth the hike, indeed. You guys captured some amazing photos, and sounds like you had a blast. I am awful with planning out timed excursions too, but don’t the ones that have their own agenda in mind end up being the most fun? 😀

    • You do have a point 😛 The best adventures are the ones when you lose track of time. Thank you so much!

  7. What a great hike with a beautiful view!

  8. Gorgeous photos! It’s a bummer you didn’t get to the peak and I would’ve felt the same way, but I’m glad you stumbled across that gorgeous vista! Also, your dog is adorable 🙂

    • Glad I’m not alone! It’s never a nice feeling to give up on something you set out to do but the mountains will always be there 😀 Thank you so much Elyse – from both Cody and I!

  9. Your photos are absolutely amazing! Looks so peaceful and calming! Thanks

  10. Ittarbypre Ittarbypre

    Love this one! Reminds me of my trip to Iceland ❤️ I’d love to be in Norway too!

    • Thank you!! Oh how amazing, I’d love to visit Iceland 🤗 I hope you get the chance to explore Norway!

  11. Gorgeous photos! 🙂 Love hiking in mountains and Norway is perfect for that. Visited Norway this summer to hike Trolltunga. I would love to hike more “less touristy” hikes like this is Norway 🙂

    • Thank you so much Linda! Yes Norway is amazing for hiking but the popular hikes are definitely very touristy. I think it’s nice to hike Trolltunga, Preikestolen, and Kjerag once though! I’m planning to do them in the summertime 😀

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