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Montserrat: A Photo Diary from Barcelona’s Mountains

Montserrat is the highest peak in the region of Catalonia and exhibits a unique rocky formation due to its exposure to various elements such as wind and rain. A cultural, spiritual, and historical destination, Montserrat makes for a magnificent day trip from Barcelona. I ventured to this sacred site during my time in the Catalan capital just last week and was completely awestruck by the mountain’s beauty. From riding the ear-popping Funicular Aeri de Montserrat and seeing the iconic Stairway to Heaven, to exploring one of Spain’s most popular pilgrimage destinations known as Santa Maria de Montserrat, my adventure to the mountains was easily one of the highlights of my trip. Enjoy this photo diary from Montserrat and be sure to check out my other post from Barcelona here.

Is Montserrat on your bucket list?


  1. Love these photos! What great views from and of the mountains!

    • Aw thank you so much Ivana ❤️ Glad to hear it made your list, Montserrat definitely deserves a visit!!

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