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A Mystical Morning in the Mountains

I awoke this morning with an indescribable energy for the day ahead. I peered out the window and to my dismay, was met with looming darkness. I shut my eyes, hopeful that I would fall back asleep. As I tossed and turned under the warmth my covers, I fought the restlessness that pulsed through my body. This was not a battle worth fighting, so I lit a fire and brewed a big pot of coffee.

I sat watching the logs burn one by one, wrapped in a blanket and cradling my coffee mug with both hands. As the cabin began to fill with light, I wandered over to the window to see the sun slowly breaking through the morning mist. I caught a glimpse of the foggy valley, the only proof that the passing clouds hadn’t taken us with them. I poured myself another cup of coffee and began my daily preparations.

As I waited for the embers in the fireplace to die out, I charged the battery for the camera and glanced at the weather forecast. Temperatures sat just above freezing, so I found my knitted head warmer and dug up some wool socks. I slipped into a pair of leggings and braided my hair in pigtails. When the fire was shut and the battery was charged, I laced up my hiking boots and out the door we went.

We set out in the direction of Ranten, laying tracks of boots and paws in the wet mud, one next to the other. This was the first time it had stopped raining in days. We marched down the hill, trekked along the riverbank, and trudged across the bridge… just in time to catch the fog lifting from the mountains. Beneath the fog, a thin layer of powdered snow brushed across the peaks, the first sighting of the season.

I had a feeling today would be special.


  1. Danielle Danielle

    This is a really well-written article. The imagery is so powerful! It sounds like you had a lovely time!

  2. I love this post!! I felt like I was there with the descriptions you gave… it sounds so peaceful and therapeutic in a way..

    • So happy to hear that, glad you enjoyed it 😊 thank you!

  3. While reading this, I felt like I was right there in the cabin with you. Beautiful words, my friend! xx

  4. Tracey Reynolds Tracey Reynolds

    Gorgeous photo – looking very mystical and beautiful 🙂

  5. I love this! I truly was taken away and felt like I was there with you! I wish I was in fact! It sounds like you had an amazing day hiking with Cody (do I have your pups name right?). Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

    • Aw thank you Michelle ❤️ yes his name is Cody, you are absolutely right! 🐶

  6. Aly Aly

    Just reading this made me feel all cozy! I love the picture and feelings you created with your writing.

  7. I
    Enjoyed reading this, very well written and beautiful photography !! Makes me want to go and enjoy this view

  8. I loved your writting. Very descriptive. I could visualize everything. A++ from me.

    • Wow haven’t gotten an A++ since grade school 😉 hehe thank you!!

  9. Love the way you write <3 Sounds like a wonderful morning to me.. 😉

  10. What a beautiful post! I love how the words flow so well and definitely bring you into the moment. The cabin sounds so cozy and the picture is beautiful! Definitely itching for a weekend away like this. Thank you for a great post!

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Antonia ☺️ Glad you enjoyed! It’s always nice to get away, I hope you take a trip soon xo

  11. This sounds so peaceful. What a great day to start the day with coffee and a morning hike in the mountains. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures in the mountains!

  12. Such a great photograph! That view is beautiful

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