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Bruges: A Day Trip to Belgium’s Medieval Town

Grab your spears and shields, we’re heading back to the Middle Ages. The moment I added Brussels to my backpacking itinerary, I knew a day trip to Belgium’s charming medieval town was a must. Bruges, or Brugge in Dutch, lies in the northern part of Belgium in a region called Flanders, approximately one hour by train from the country’s capital. Other popular day trips from Brussels include Antwerp and Ghent, but I had my heart set on Bruges and as the cliché saying goes… follow your heart. So early Thursday morning, I caught the train from Brussels Central Station to Bruges and literally stepped into a medieval fairytale.

Weaving between the cobbled streets of Bruges feels like moving around a three-dimensional postcard. Cyclists fly by like fairies with wings, cotton candy clouds paint the sky, and ducks glide through the tranquil canals. The A-frame brick buildings stand side by side, hugging one another. The restaurants spill onto the sidewalks, fostering a quaint dining experience. The medieval heart of the city pulses, inviting locals and visitors alike to marvel at the picturesque sights. It comes as no surprise that the historic center of Bruges is listed as a Unesco World Heritage site.

The Belfry of Bruges, or the Belfry Tower, stands 83-meters tall and casts a shadow on the Grote Markt as if guarding the city and its inhabitants. Three hundred sixty-six steps of a spiral staircase wind up the tower, leading to a viewpoint that is absolutely worth the climb. From the platform at the top, the tower’s 47 bells sing in perfect harmony, the untamed winds grow fiercer, and the fearless birds soar higher. A prominent symbol of the city, there’s no place like the Belfry to wave goodbye to the enchanting medieval town below.

Antwerp and Ghent, I’m coming for you.


  1. Bruges Is definitely on my to travel list. Great insight into what to do!

    • Thanks Rachael, glad you liked it! Bruges is even more magical in person 😅

  2. So pretty. One of the things I miss as a European living in the US is wandering through medieval cities and hopping on a train or plane and be in another country within an hour or two.

    • That’s definitely a big advantage in Europe! The US does have some cute villages scattered around though, you can always take road trips 🤗

      • That’s true. And here in the LA area we have beaches, mountains, desert – all within a short drive. 🙂

        • Every place has its own advantages and disadvantages, just have to appreciate what you do have 🙃

  3. How exciting. Your pictures are beautiful. I’ve been going back and forth on if I should visit Bruges during my Paris trip. This made my decision so much harder.

  4. I visited Brugges a few years back and fell in love instantly, it is definitely among my best places I have ever been list. you sense the history in every corner. thanks for sharing.

    • Oh yes the history is everywhere, just like time travel 🤗 It’s impossible not to fall in love! Thanks for reading Denise.

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