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12 Original Blogmas Post Ideas

I have never been so excited for the first day of November because I can now start talking about BLOGMAS. If you are not part of the blogging community, blogmas is when bloggers share a Christmas-related post every day of December leading up to Christmas Day. In preparation, I was reading through blogmas post ideas and found that the lists are more or less the same: Christmas gift ideas for him/her, Christmas cookie recipes, DIY Christmas decorations, favorite Christmas music/movies, and so on. I know I’m not the only blogger knee deep in blogmas preparations so I wanted to offer some original ideas for those of you struggling with the last few posts. In the spirit of the twelve days of Christmas, I bring to you twelve original blogmas post ideas. I hope you find some inspiration below and if you do, be sure to let me know so I can read, comment, and share your posts!

1. Attic/Basement Christmas Finds
If your family is anything like mine, you may have an attic or basement (or both, oops) that is filled with more than you know what to do with. Challenge yourself to spend a full day searching your own house for everything and anything Christmas-related, and post about your finds! You may already have more than enough Christmas candles and napkins, and that unopened board game could just make the perfect gift for your nephew.

2. Gift Opening Story Time
Ever watched your sister open the most beautiful doll house from your uncle and you sit there wondering why that same uncle bought you sweatpants and socks? Or maybe you opened a gift from your mom with a dozen lace thongs and all you can focus on is the awkwardness between you and your dad? Whether you have a story of jealousy, embarrassment, or something completely different, let’s hear it.

3. Ugly/Weird Christmas Decorations
Do you have a box of Christmas tree ornaments that never make it onto the tree? Or a bag of hideous lights that you refuse to hang? Showcase your ugliest and/or weirdest Christmas decorations that you have collected over the years and for some odd reason, you just can’t get rid of.

4. The Dreaded Christmas Activity
Do your parents make shoveling the driveway on Christmas morning a family affair? Do you have to attend the annual Christmas Eve dinner and make small talk with extended family for hours on end? Or worse, does your grandmother put you on dishwashing duty afterwards? The holidays aren’t all fun and games but you’ll most likely find that you’re not the only one dreading certain activities.

5. Spill the Deets on Your Christmas Tree
Somehow, my family is always the one running around a couple days before Christmas to find the ‘best of the worst’ tree. I have learned to like the feeling of taking home an ‘ugly’ tree that otherwise wouldn’t have had a home over Christmas. Maybe you can relate, or maybe you put up a beautiful tree on the first weekend of December. What do you look for in a tree? Short and chubby? Tall and thin? We want all the deets!

6. The Truth About Santa
There comes a time when you have to face the reality that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Maybe you remember the day when you yourself learned the sad truth, or perhaps your children came home from school one day asking if it was true – share the story. If the secret isn’t out yet, share some advice for young parents to help them keep the fantasy alive for their children as well.

7. Let’s Talk Stocking Stuffers
Stocking stuffers can be such a hit or miss. Maybe you are on top of the game and have a list of useful stocking stuffers to share. Do the contents differ drastically from year to year or do you more or less fill them with the same things? I know I’m always sure to find chocolate and a new toothbrush (thanks mom) somewhere inside of mine.

8. Volunteer During the Holidays
With all the hype around the holiday season, it’s easy to forget that not everyone has food to eat or presents to open come Christmas. Find a place in your community to volunteer at and write about your experience, maybe it will inspire others to do the same. If you are unable to volunteer yourself, share a list of places in your city that need a helping hand and encourage your readers to do some good this year.

9. First Christmas Planning or Advice
A first Christmas can mean a lot of different things – a first Christmas in a new country, a first Christmas with a new boyfriend, a first Christmas with a new baby, a first Christmas without a loved one you recently lost, a first Christmas in a new apartment or house. If you are currently going through a big life change or have experienced one in recent years, share how you are planning for it or advice on how others can make this ‘first Christmas’ a successful one.

10. Christmas Day From Your Pet’s Point of View
I live in a household with two dogs (Cody and Daisy) and two cats (Chester and Cinnamon) – while Cody sniffs all the stockings for treats and Daisy claims her spot on the couch, Chester thinks the tree is decorated with cat toys and Cinnamon chews through all the ribbons on the gifts under the tree. Do you have pets of your own that seem to love Christmas as much as you do? It might be fun to write (and read) a post from their point of view.

11. Interview Your Family
Christmas means different things to different people and often changes with each generation. Write down a list of questions about the holidays and conduct a short interview with your closest family members. You might just learn a thing or two about your family and your readers may gain a new perspective on the Christmas season.

12. Christmas Through the Years
Dig up old Christmas photos and videos and share them in a post. Everyone loves looking through baby photos and watching old family videos. Oh and if anyone else’s parents had them sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” on video to send to their grandmother, my brothers and I would love to see it.

I hope you found these helpful! Remember, if you happen to use any of these ideas, be sure to let me know so I can read, comment, and share. And don’t worry, Cody and I are not disappearing for the rest of the month. While blogmas preparations are in full swing, we will still be blogging weekly and Instagramming (is that a word?) daily throughout November, so be sure to follow us @juliaelizabethblog and @codythecabinpup if you’re not already 🙂 Happy almost blogmas!


  1. I was not aware of blogmas I guess I should be getting ready for that haha thanks for the info!

  2. I’m attempting vlogmas this year (although not daily but weekly) and I’m so excited!! I’ve always wanted to try a challenge like this but never had the time! Plus I loooove reading/watching Christmas content in the rundown to the holidays. Excited to hear more about your Christmas celebrations in Norway 🙂

    • Ahh yay can’t wait to read your posts! It’s my first blogmas and first ‘blog challenge’ as well so I’m very excited. Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year and I’m happy to be back in Norway for the holiday season this year <3 Looking forward to your posts!

  3. First time I’ve ever encountered this term but such a cool one, also your list of blogmas ideas is brilliant!

  4. So cool! I did not know it was a thing but will for sure try. How about Dog Blog as for me haha.
    @elvis_the_pomsky @camerasandcanines just followed you in IG… both great feeds you have!

  5. am new to blogging and I like this blogmas idea, and these are really good. thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Denise, I’m new too 🙂 Excited for my first blogmas!

  6. Been waiting all year for blogmas! I look forward to reading all the new awesome blogmas posts!

    • Thanks Rachael – I would love to read your post if you do! Keep me posted 😉

  7. These are great ideas! I’ve tried blogmas before but I never finish lol. But maybe I’ll try it again with some of these ideas.

    • Thank you Fely! I think it’s important to plan it out and have posts ready before December even starts 😉 Let me know if you give it another go, I’d love to read your posts!

  8. Great article. I’ve never hear of blogmas before. It’s definitely something that I need to start writing. 😀

  9. no Christmas decoration is ugly@! what are you saying here, woman? 😛

    • Haha let’s just say some are not as pretty as others 😛

  10. THIS is an awesome blog posts

  11. Love these ideas! I have been wanting to do blogmas I will definitely consider it after these tips/ideas!

  12. Never heard of blogmas before!!!! Love the idea of the attic/basement – i know whenever i’m home my brother and i end up going through stuff and finding childhood treasures!

    • It’s my favorite activity when I’m home, we always come across childhood memories as well! Thanks for reading, Ruth 😀

  13. I’ve never heard of blogmas before, but I’m so glad you’ve introduced me to it! I wrote my first Christmas blog post this week, but I can definitely use some of your prompts to expand on my “blogmas” topics throughout this holiday season! Thanks a lot!!

    • Aw I’m so happy to hear that Britne! I just read your lovely Christmas post, glad I’m not the only one getting a head start on Christmas 😉

  14. Wow, such great ideas, Learned something new from this article.

  15. cynthia bowman cynthia bowman

    Blogmas, another reason that the holidays are my fave!

  16. Jo Jo

    I love these ideas and now I’m so excited for Blogmas!! I better start planning now!!

  17. Thank you for the original ideas 🙂 I’ve noted a few of them to add demensionVictoria to some pre-planned posts!! These were awesome ideas!

    • Ahh that’s so awesome to hear Victoria! Glad you could take something away from my post and I can’t wait to read 😛

  18. I do tire of seeing the same type of posts over and over again. These are some really refreshing ideas!

  19. Some great post you made here, thanks for sharing

  20. Love this! You offer so many great ideas that I was even conserving writing some blog post based on them. I love reading blogmas posts, so this is great for anyone looking for some inspiration.

    • Thank you for your sweet comment, Shauna! I love reading blogmas posts as well, excited to be writing my own too this year 😉

  21. i was thinking of some Christmas themed countdown posts too and now i have a term i can use for that 🙂 thank you

  22. I have not heard of Blogmas and I am looking more into that. These are great topics to follow for Holiday writing

    • Oh I’m so glad you think so, let me know if you give blogmas a go 🙂

  23. This sounds like fun. I thin I am behind the curve this year though and may start scheduling them for next year. lol I love your ideas, esp the attic/ old box finds– I love a little suspense.

  24. Just started blogging few months back. Didn’t even know there’s blogmas. Thanks for sharing the post ideas. Gift opening sounds like something I might be interested in. Hopefully I can survive the Christmas 😀

    • Yay if you do write the post, I would love to read it! I just started a few months ago too 😀

  25. I like this idea. Maybe i’ll do something similar but for Hanukkah.

  26. that’s such a good idea for the blogmas, to interview some family seems great 😀

  27. I’ve begun brainstorming Christmas post ideas and I love these! I’m thinking a stocking stuffer post would be a lot of fun. Thanks for all the creative ideas!

    • I agree and will be looking out for your stocking stuffer post 🙂 Thanks Naomi!

  28. Christmas? I’m not worried about that yet. I’m still preparing
    how to present you turkey for the best picture, pumpkin pie made 10 ways and how to prepare the best breakfast the night before Thanksgiving to eat while watching the Macy’s Parade.

    • Haha we don’t have Thanksgiving in Norway so November is all about Christmas for me 😉 But Thanksgiving posts sound fun too, best of luck!

  29. I’ve been blogging for years, and I’ve never heard of blogmas. It sounds like it’s a lot of fun. I love Christmas, and anything related to it!

    • I love everything and anything Christmas as well 😛 I hope you give it a try!

  30. I love your ideas! One year some blog friends and I did a Christmas tree hop where we each put up pics of our decorated trees and a linky to go from one to the other. People liked to see the different trees.

    • Oh I absolutely love that idea, how fun! Thanks for sharing Jen 🙂

  31. This is awesome! I have never heard of it and will definitely try! Thank you for the ideas!

  32. Thank you for this list! Sometimes I get writer’s block so this will come in handy for sure.

    • Oh we’ve all been there, happy you found the post helpful! Thanks Amber 😀

  33. I love looking at old Christmas photos! It’s a fun family bonding!

  34. You gave some bloggers some really amazing ideas!! I wish I celebrated Christmas too. Everyone is SO excited about it, right since July; it’s crazy.! I’d love to read about some funny Christmas stories! 🙂

    • Thank you so much <3 Aw I wish everyone celebrated Christmas but you can always join in on the fun too!

  35. These are all such good ideas! I’m also starting to think about my Christmas posts!

    • Thanks Mary, glad you think so! Ahh yay can’t wait to read 😀

  36. Megan Hilditch Megan Hilditch

    This is a great post! I started blogging 2 months and am trying to decide if I’m ready to tackle a month of blogging, your ideas are really helpful.

    • I just started a couple months ago too hehe but felt like I couldn’t pass up my very first blogmas! Hope to see some of your Christmassy posts 🙂

  37. Aditi Aditi

    Wow.. Blogmas sounds like a really challenging activity and that too straight up 25 days. I recently got done with Blogtober, and trust me, it’s no easy task. It’s challenging and good in a way too. Best of luck. THese are some really cool ideas. Cheers!!

    • Thanks for your words of encouragement and congrats on completing blogtober! I think I’m ready for the challenge 😉

  38. Blogmas! I’ve never heard of this, but it gets me so excited for Christmas! I’ve already started shopping for decorations.

    • Teehee that makes me so happy 😅 Christmas will be here before we know it!

  39. I love all of these ideas. I am so ready to start the Xmas posts!

  40. I love all these activities for the coming holiday season. Thanks for sharing.

  41. Jen Walker Jen Walker

    I’m not a lifestyle blogger so blogmas isn’t a thing for me. That said, your suggestions are really interesting and I hope to read other posts addressing these ideas!

  42. This blooms idea sounds great… I would love to try it this year 😀 I am a lifestyle cum fashion blogger so this would be a great idea 😀

  43. Never heard of blogmas but will love to join blogmas. its cool. nice idea

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